Crib bedding

We got rid of most of our baby gear when Benjamin turned five, including all the bedding. I guess now it's a good reason to start over, nothing I made 10 years ago would be in style now anyway.

After Andrew and I assembled the crib a few weeks ago we realized bedding was needed next. Last weekend Benjamin and I went fabric shopping (Benjamin didn't really enjoy this as we needed to visit 3-4 stores before I found what I liked). It took me a while to land on a few fabric choices I thought could be cute together. I found paring fabric pretty hard. Last Saturday and Sunday we set to sewing and hacking our way through the bedding project. Hacking is the best way to describe it, but in the end we finally finished. Each boy took part in sewing and pinning. For the most part I think it turned out pretty cute. We accomplished the crib skirt, the bumper and sheets. I have a bunch a fabric and trims left over to start on a quilt. A project for another weekend.

Today I put the bedding on the crib and started to organize the babies new room just a little. Every week we hope to be a bit more prepared for this new arrival.