Piano lessons = a piano need

Last week, we signed the boys up for piano lessons. Last Thursday, they each had their first lesson. I am not really sure what we were thinking the kids would practice on when we made the appointment, I guess I didn't realize the little guys would need to practice. Instant piano geniuses. It turns out practice is needed.

So I spent the better half of last Friday looking for a piano. I roped my brother Geoff (he has mad internet skills and is somewhat of a piano expert), into finding us a good deal on a piano. Again, I realized we weren't thinking all that clearly about the lessons, pianos are expensive. We found a few used digital pianos on KSL but quickly found out they had sold. So we bit the bullet and purchased this beauty. It's gorgeous and sounds amazing. Even better, it has a headphone jack to make practicing fun for everyone. Just like a real piano, only better.

The boys had their second lesson today and were very prepared with their first set of songs memorized. Good parent moment.