Mini Frankfurt tour

We had an hour to walk around Frankfurt old town. It's amazing to think the city was demolished after WW2 an d then rebuilt in original form. Here are some pictures of the eEmperor's cathedral. The outside was draped and under construction and so I did not get a picture of it. When the city was being rebuilt the Germans discovered Roman bath house, underground at the front of the Cathedral

Emperor's Cathedral - The gothic church St. Bartholomäus, rebuilt and dedicated in 1239 to Saint Bartholomäus, became it's honorary title "Kaiserdom" in the 18th century. From 1562 and on, the Cathedral was the showplace for altogether 10 imperial crownings. Treasures of the cathedral include the Bartholomäus linen from the 15th century, the pews from the middle 14th century and the "Maria-, Schlaf- Altar."