Floor dilemma

We have this great tiled floor all the way to the laundry and I want
to keep it but need to repair 12 tiles from where we removed the bar..
The previous home owners were nice enough to leave us a box of tile.
Perfect I thought until I realized there were only 11 tiles in the
box. Dilemma 1. So I thought I could order tile from the tile company
who laid the tile in 2002. I found out they are out of business.
Dilemma number 2. So I decided to look for a close match at the local
stores but the fancy tile is 13x13 instead of 12x12, just means it's
harder to find a match. Still no luck, dilemma no. 3. And so, after
some Internet research, I've decided to try and chip up a tile that
will be hidden underneath a new cabinet without breaking. Stress. My
attempt was successful!!! The stress of it almost killed me. Now I
need to chip out the half tiles where I need to replace with full
tiles, wish me luck and patience. Today I will also order the cabinets.