All packed and ready for Germany!

I leave today for Frankfurt, Germany to manage for Stampin’ Up! the catalog press checks for the 08-09 year. I think I have prepared myself for the 13 hour flight however I am never completely prepared for travel. I will feel unsettled until I am checked into my temporary hotel home in Germany and even then a little out of sorts. I wish I spoke German. Thank goodness I talked my mom into tagging along for the trip. Hey Mom! We hope among all the work that we can catch some sights together. I am very excited about that. I will try and keep this blog update with a few of those sights so you all can share in the experience a little, I am taking my good camera. We'll also will have an opportunity to visit with Skip and Shauna (my Aunt and Uncle) who I have not seen in 10-15 years. And, if I can track her down, Nathalie from highschool. Have a great week. Danke!