Long time no post! A quick update.

It's been a rather long time since our last post. Things are well. A quick update: we are both trying to figure out how we can blog from our phones so that we can keep this updated more often. Chris has it mastered but I have not.

A quick 6 month recap:
Geoff & Kylene had a baby and welcomed baby Logan! Logan is 5 months old now.
Andrew completed 2nd grade and is excited to start 3rd grade in late August
Benjamin completed kindergarten and is excited to start 1st grade in late August
Charlet went to Australia & Los Angeles for work and leaves for Frankfurt, Germany next week (with Taunya).
Charlet is taking a GMAT prep course, SAY WHAT? (with Geoff)
Chris is busy commuting back and forth from home to Arizona, he has opened up a satellite WGU office there.
All are healthy & happy!!!