Alta Youth Club Tryouts!

Last weekend, we headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon so Andrew's skiing ability could be assessed by the coaches who run the Alta Youth Club. Andrew (and 30 other new AYC applicants) got to ski Alta before it opened for the season so the coaches could determine if he was a strong enough skier to join the program. This was the first time Andrew had skied on his own so we were all a little nervous. And the icy, man-made conditions didn't help.

Andrew made the cut after skiing very well so he'll spend the next 14 Sundays skiing Alta with great instructors and the same group of 7 and 8 year olds. Benjamin is scheduled to join Alta's Jr. Explorer program in January for 7 weeks of Sunday sessions. Once they're both involved in their programs, Charlet and I will get to spend more time skiing together - just the two of us.

It should be an incredible winter!