Kids started school & family update

Last week was Benjamin's first week of kindergarten and Andrew's second week of second grade. Both kids are enjoying school and the the new experiences that come with it. Andrew has an excellent teacher who is willing to go beyond and seems very patient with working with him and his hand. Writing has been hard. Benjamin has the same teacher Andrew had in kindergarten (Mrs. Homer) and we love her. I'll post photos soon of the boys and their cute backpacks on their first day.

We are still working with Andrew and his hand with an occupational therapist. This past week his hand has been hyper sensative and we are looking at that as a good thing, perhaps the feeling is coming back? The sensativity makes it very hard to work with his hand. He keeps asking why we are always "punishing him" when we start his therapy. It's hard for a seven year old to understand that even though it's unpleasant it's a good thing.

Some exciting family news to share. Geoff and Kylene are pregnant and expecting their first baby in February and just today we found out Beau and Nicki are also pregnant and expecting baby number four in April or May 08. Very cool.

The family is looking forward to another small vacation in October. We will visit Grammy and family New Hampshire and hopefully friends in Vermont. I'll finally get to see the leaves change (fingers crossed), in all the trips back east I have never been lucky enough to catch it. Always visit a bit too early. I'll bring my camera and share photos.

Soon I'd like to personalize the blog a bit more but I need to call on Geoff's skills to help me out. Make it look a bit better with some fancy design and stuff. I'll make this a goal and we'll see what happens. Have a great week.