A Good Day

The day began with great news from Andrew's MRI exam. The antibiotics seem to be doing their job as Andrew's infection has clearly not affected the bone or tissue in his arm. The lead pediatrician told us that he had been expecting the opposite result - that an abscess would have developed in the tissue that would require surgery. Thankfully, the cellulitis appears to be superficial, after all.

Andrew spent the day watching movies and playing video games. He seems to feel much better than he has but he's still running a fever. His rash has both faded and expanded (strange). And the pain in Andrew's lymph nodes is less.

Benjamin is off tonight to spend a few days with Grandma and Grandpa Brooks. He's excited about that.

We're hopeful that Andrew will be able to avoid surgery and that we can treat the infection with continued use of antibiotics. We'll know more as lab results come back and the PCMC teams make their rounds in the morning. Another day like this and we may be home!