Andrew Physical Therapy

Andrew started physical therapy this week for his arm. He has many exercises to preform daily on his arm and hand, as well as a massage routine. The therapist did some nerve tests on his hand and he has little if no feeling on the bottom of his hand starting around the wrist. Also, no strength in the hand, we will work on his grip. We hope the exercises will improve his strength and allow the nerves to regrow into his hand. The therapist seemed to think it might take a few more months but she was hopeful.

We visit the orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday and perhaps he will refer us to a doctor to help with the nerve damage. The therapist will also be at the appointment. From a bone perspective his arm is healing nicely.

We met with the vascular surgeon last week and the bypass is also healing well. No scar tissue so far. We will follow up every three months for the next year to be sure no scar tissue develops.

We'll keep everyone updated with Andrew's progress.

Other news: The summer is passing quickly, garden is growing and the kids are enjoying sport camps. More soon, Charlet