CHA 2014

I returned earlier this week from the Craft & Hobby show in Anaheim. I had decided to attend—at the last minute—on a whim. Gotta keep those market research and networking skills current... I sure do love this industry and it's exciting to see all the many companies so passionate about what they do. It was nice to see a few familiar faces and take a minute to catch up.

I didn't take as many pictures as I normally do... probably due to how quick the trip was.  I am absolutely loving all of the new Tim Holtz stuff.  Happy to see a strong mixed media presence and card making is still in full force.

I always love seeing the displays.  Particular favorite what the knitted wonders of the world exhibit from (I think Red Lion).  Also loving all the marquee signs.  Very trendy.

Sorry about the formatting of this post. My phone and blogger are not very friendly right now and everything is way out of alignment.  I am not going to take the minute to figure out how to fix it today...


Weekend fun

I spent this past weekend in California for the Craft and Hobby Association show (CHA). I had an excellent time walking the show, observing industry trends, and catching up with old friends. It was a successful and super quick trip for me. Packed with inspiration and walking... in on Saturday morning, out Sunday night.  

Chris and the boys also packed their weekend with fun. They made Indian food (Andrew did most of the cooking and directing), attended baseball and soccer commitments, sledded (big cottonwood) and watched movies. Chris sent me pictures from their weekend and I was quickly jealous of their good time. I don't leave the kids very often anymore...

Hope you enjoyed some highlights from our weekend(s). More CHA pictures in a future post.

Card Club (last few projects of 2013)

The last quarter of 2013 proved to be hard for me to blog.  Here are some of the October - December card club projects.  Many of these projects were cased or taken from Jill Olsen's St. George event.  Anything I pinned to my pinterest board was my own concept.  It seems I am missing a handful of cards that I'll need to borrow from someone in the group in order to photograph.

Email me if you need details on supplies used or technique questions.

Deck the halls

We did a little decorating (and dejunking at the same time) this week. We got our tree trimmed, stocked hung and house decked out!

I tried to put out all the decorations this year and got rid of anything that we didn't use. It seemed to work and the house feels less cluttered.

I'm taking an online class (12 artsy ornaments) and have made this cool star for our mantel. Nicholas helped and he made this smaller version.  

Christmas card blitz!

Nic and I got together with Grandma this morning to make her Christmas cards. I prepped the supplies a bit this weekend and that helped us make almost 80 cards in under 2 hours.  It was a nice morning chatting, crafting and basically hanging out. She should be ready! And it's nice to use up some of my massive amounts of craft supply. 

Nic is so cute. He gave Grandma hugs, multiple kisses and was very polite. Sometimes he can turn that charm on. I really should try to document and live in the moment of his sweet comments more often.

A few Nic gems from today:
"I am three and last year I was two. Next year I am six!"

"I already kissed you... check!"

"Goodnight, goodnight, where are you?" He said this in reference to Grandma's horse named "Midnight".

"Grandma, you stole that candy from our house". Referring to the candy corn we gave her at Halloween.

"This ski boot is tight. My sock says get me out of here". Trying on his new ski boots.

Love this boy!