🌹yard work!

Nic & I spent some time today in the yard. We got most of the garden dirt spread (shovel and bucket method) & planted a few cold weather vegetables. I also transplanted our grapes, we will see if they take root again... Thru needed to move as they were choking out the apple tree.

Fence finished!

It took all summer but we officially finished the fence painting before summer ended. Our labor day weekend was not labor free. We really like how the painted fence turned out and hopefully have saved us some money and a few more years before we will have to replace it.

Andrew and Benjamin were very excited to finish working on the fence. It was a long project and took them more time than they thought it would. Lot of lessons learned. Now I need to cough up some money and pay them.  

Here are a few phone pictures of the results.  In the trampoline shot you can see how the fence painting matched the TREX fence we have on the South side of the yard.  Not too shabby.

Side note: You may also notice that our yard is pretty green and not as many dog spots.  I think this is due to Lucy eating so many tomatoes and somehow changing the chemistry of her messes.  Happy accident I guess. Silly dog.

Bring on the garden!

It's blooming and producing, finally!

We got our first ever grapes and the blackberries have seriously produced as well. Love it!

You can see some fence progress in the panoramic shot, although we still have much more to go. Ironically the nei or asked if we wanted to go in half way on a new fence. Ha! Timing is everything. Where was he 3 months ago?

A post! Value of HARD work

So much has happened in our lives recently and I am so behind on documenting... I will catch up. I will.

For now I'll share a yard improvement project-fence painting.

This summer is the summer for our boys to learn a few life skills. This particular project I'm hoping they'll learn the value of hard work, seeing something "big" through, and the pride of a job well done.  

Last year we had to replace our gate (wind damage) and went in with a neighbor to replace the west side of our fence. We purchased this nice dark brown trex fence. It was crazy expensive to do the whole yard and we decided we'd wait until we had more money to finish the rest. We are still shy on the money end and our "two" fence styles are really bugging me! So... Chris and I have hired the boys to paint the massive back yard fence. Andrew and Benjamin have their first real job with an hourly rate!!! We estimate it might take them 50 hours (combined) to complete.

It's funny working with them and explaining the how, why and estimating how much $$$ they might make. They think we are ripping them off when they finish a panel earlier than expected. Ha! The joy of and hourly job. An hour is and hour... 

I'm going behind them, inspecting their work and doing a little touch up. I guess I'm painting the fence too.

It looks good! 4.5 panels complete, 27 to go. Wowza! 

It's too hot to paint for more than 2 hours every morning. After 10 am it's just miserable. This job will take them (us) most of the summer. 

Benjamin has already decided painting is not his occupation of choice and he'd rather mow lawns. 

Fun times.

What a present!

Nicholas got a swing set for his birthday. Well, not really, but the timing worked out that way. I've been saving my pennies and searching/debating for months on the right one. We needed something smaller, little upkeep and I wanted it to kind of blend into the yard.

Success! It's large but small enough and it tucks nicely into to south side part of our yard.

We had it set in concrete so it wouldn't tip. We can attach the swings on Sunday. The hardest part of this install is waiting until Sunday to slide and use the fireman's pole. Nicholas is fast and had one unapproved slide before I caught him. Sneaky!