Successfully arrived in New York City. Here is the view from my room.

I am here with four others for the National Stationery Show. Ready to be inspired!

Day 2

Yesterday the dogs were tired. Today they are barking!

Pregancy at 35 is nothing like pregnancy at 25. Likewise, walking a
trade show while pregnant is nothing like walking a show NOT pregnant.

We saw a bunch of great new products and also gathered some fabulous
ideas for new products. It was a productive day. We ended walking
around 5:45 and then headed to dinner at a great Thai place. I had
coconut cake for dessert (they were out of season for sticky rice?!).

1st day of gift show

These dogs are tired!

We walked the show today from 9-6, aside from all the figurines, I was
surprised at how much inspiration could be found.

I love this wall treatment. Pages of old books are used as wallpaper.