Nic skis!

Chris took all the boys up skiing this past weekend. Nicholas did well and enjoyed the two runs he got in before the big wipeout. Hot cocoa at the lodge calmed him down and I think he is ready for his next trip. We might need to get him lessons since Chris can't bend over that well anymore. Dang hip!

Ski season has started!

The big boys are lucky! The have already hit the ski slopes, Andrew has been twice. Andrew went with a few friends to Snowbird on Saturday, and Andrew, Ben and Chris skied for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Skiing before Thanksgiving... Woohoo.

Looks like all their gear fits and is in working condition. We opted to purchase Nic skis this year (instead of rentals). The ski swap price was just a few bucks more than the season rental price. Bargain.

Ski days

The whole family went skiing again at Alta this afternoon. Things started out great with Nicholas but he had a mini meltdown and couldn't overcome. He and I sat in the lodge and ate fries after we sat in the car to calm down. Chris and the older boys took a few nice runs. Maybe next time.

Last week Chris, Andrew and Ben enjoyed some fresh snow. Waste deep powder for Ben!

Ski day - 1st of the season

We grabbed our passes yesterday and gave the snow a little work out. It was Nick's first time skiing and he loved it! Look how cute he is. He made it through two long runs. We need to work on his strength and balance. This ski season started perfectly!