Crazy Creative!!!

My good friend Paula recently started a new career venture. You can follow her musings at her blog. I did want to share with you all that that she is crazy creative, I am talking nuts! She makes these fabulous ironing board covers (and other things) and sells on her etsy shop. I own own and I also bought one and gave to mom last mother's day. Mom can vouch for the quality and loves her cover too! I hope she doesn't mind but I took one of photos off of her etsy site to share. So buy one if you are interested - they are awesome and really dress up a nasty task. Chris can vouch for that.

Also Paula has two other etsy shops one for vintage finds and another for additional handmade goodies. Check these out often too.

I love Miss Paula and wish her enormous luck and good fortune on this new adventure. If I am lucky she may invite me over one night to craft or garage sale with her on a Saturday.

High Chair update

We were fortunate to have save Andrew's high chair and now are using it with Nicholas. You may have noticed the super ugly high chair cover from the previous post (you may not have noticed but I sure did!). The chair is over 11 years old and the cover was all ugly, crusty, and gross, really gross. After Nick's haircut I decided to make a new cover. I think it turned out pretty cute. I used Stampin' Up! Designer fabric.

Thank You!!!

This week the girls at work took some time out of their busy schedules
to help me get the front of the baby quilt done. Lots of sewing and
ironing. We cranked this puppy out in 2.5 hours! Thank you Dani,
Annie, Julie & Paula, you are really the best! This weekend I'll trim
the strings, put an edge around it and get it ready to be quilted.

Quilt pattern

Some of the girls at work have offered to help sew together the front of the baby quilt I wanted to make. We are getting together tomorrow night. My assignment this weekend was to cut out all the pieces. I had a really heard time deciding on a pattern, I opted for simple squares using most of the same material that I used with the crib bedding. Here is my prototype that I drew up quickly in illustrator, I had to draw the patterns from each square so I could imagine the end result ( I just could not visualize!). It took about 15 different tries before I found the pattern I liked best. As soon as the quilt is finished I'll post the results.

Crib bedding

We got rid of most of our baby gear when Benjamin turned five, including all the bedding. I guess now it's a good reason to start over, nothing I made 10 years ago would be in style now anyway.

After Andrew and I assembled the crib a few weeks ago we realized bedding was needed next. Last weekend Benjamin and I went fabric shopping (Benjamin didn't really enjoy this as we needed to visit 3-4 stores before I found what I liked). It took me a while to land on a few fabric choices I thought could be cute together. I found paring fabric pretty hard. Last Saturday and Sunday we set to sewing and hacking our way through the bedding project. Hacking is the best way to describe it, but in the end we finally finished. Each boy took part in sewing and pinning. For the most part I think it turned out pretty cute. We accomplished the crib skirt, the bumper and sheets. I have a bunch a fabric and trims left over to start on a quilt. A project for another weekend.

Today I put the bedding on the crib and started to organize the babies new room just a little. Every week we hope to be a bit more prepared for this new arrival.