Vote Ben for president!

Ben for president!

School elections were held last week. It was a hard fought race and Ben worked hard. In the end, Ben was the runner up... conceding by a mere 3 votes!

The candidates were not allowed to campaign outside of a video and two double-sided posters.

Here are a few photos of his posters and here is the link to his election video.

Ben is excited to try again. He announced he'll be running for 7th grade President this spring.  He already has an idea to make his video funny - as he determined that was how he could improve.

Way to go Ben. We are proud of you and so very proud you put yourself out there.

Santa Monica

We have just finished the first leg of the Mallett Vacation and we are now headed to Jackson Hole, via Bear Lake.

Chris and I had a fabulous time in CA sans kids. We stayed at the Casa Del Mar, ate excellent food, sat beach and poolside, shopped and saw Phish at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a great pre-anniversary trip. 17 years!!!

Welcome Baby

We are so excited to share some great news. My dear high school friend, Emily, just had her first child in February.  YEAH!!! and congratulations to the new parents.

Nicholas and I had the pleasure of visiting Emily, Ethan and their new little baby today.  I've been dying to meet this little one and to catch up in person with Emily. It had been WAY, way to long...  Can I tell you, what a sweet, sweet baby.... Like a dummy I forgot my camera, but I got one photo with my phone.

I had decided I wanted to share a special gift with the baby and so I've been working on a Birth Announcement poster.  Here is the finished product.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  Since Emily named the baby after the Kestrel falcon I knew immediately that I wanted to include some bird images in the poster.  These were fun to create and adds just a little bit more personalization to the poster. Emily had announced Kessie's birth/name with the quote "the cutest little bird arrived today", so I paraphrased that quote for the poster.  Emily had mentioned her nursery was themed with blues, greens, grass and bugs. It was a little bit of a risk but I think it will work well with her decor.

Welcome to the world baby Kestrel!  Here's to many more milestones ahead.