Weekend fun

We had an excellent jam packed weekend. Chris and I headed on an overnight to Park City for some music ( Mike Gordon), shopping and food. Kind of an early birthday celebration for Chris... The boys hung with cousins and had a blast! Around the Park City trip we packed in soccer, baseball, haircuts, and a fun trip to the Zoo. I like busy, fun weekends.

Phish fall tour

The PHISH fall tour has been announced and we have entered the lottery for the Colorado tickets. Not quite sure how we plan to swing the shows with baby and kiddos, we'll have to get resourceful if we win... The video announcing tour dates is pretty cool if you are interested.

PHISH FALL TOUR 2010 from Phish on Vimeo.

2009-08-08 @ The Gorge Amphitheatre | phish.com from the road

2009-08-08 @ The Gorge Amphitheatre | phish.com from the road

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So bummed we missed the shows... the set lists are amazing. Chris was able to give the tickets to friends who called last night and said they had an amazing time. New converts to the band. They couldn't believe how much fun it was. That made Chris feel much better about missing the shows. Pollock posters announced via twitter but I was unable to act. Useless. A poster for each night. Just as well, no more wall space to display anyway. Pictures from show will be posted to phish site shortly.