My etsy shop!

I have officially created an ETSY shop. It was a goal for 2011 and I am happy to say I've started it!!! Woohoo. You can check out the shop here.

I've name my shop Painted Orange after a conversation Geoff and I have many years ago when we worked at Epék. Geoff was trying to convince me and others that oranges were not really orange and that the grocery stores painted them orange so people would buy them. He swore that if you looked carefully you could see green underneath the orange, and he read it on the it must be true. Anyway, I liked the irony and decided this would be a great name for my shop.

I intend to update it often with lots of handmade items but I've started out with a few earrings. Thanks for looking and yeah for 2011!

Great mother's day ideas & inspiration

A while back I shared the darling ironing board cover I purchased from my friend Paula. I wanted to share her link with you all because she has more darling ironing board covers to choose from on her etsy shop. These are great ideas as shower gifts or for mother's day. Check it out.

Also, look at the cute baby stuff Christy has made lately. I love this highchair slip cover. I may have to copy her. She also made a great car seat canopy. Instructions on how to make are on her blog.

1st day of gift show

These dogs are tired!

We walked the show today from 9-6, aside from all the figurines, I was
surprised at how much inspiration could be found.

I love this wall treatment. Pages of old books are used as wallpaper.