Grandpa took the older boys 4-wheeling today. Andrew spent over an hour driving and Benj also took his turn driving the Rhino. Ben brought along his bow & arrow and got a little shooting in. He broke an arrow and nailed a fence post.

Zion - Narrows

Here are few phone pictures from our Narrows hike yesterday. Zion is beautiful. We took the shuttle up through Zion. The park was packed with foreigners and it was fun to hear all the accents and languages. Benjamin made it a goal to hike up entirely in the water, and he achieved that goal. His hike was much harder than our hike. He fell asleep on the shuttle ride out of the park. It was ambitious to take Nicholas but he seems to fair ok for a 2 year old. We only made it about 3 miles (round trip) but it was gorgeous scenery and weather. Chris carried him up and I carried him down. As you can see Nicholas crashed as soon as we hit the car, still sucking on his refreshment.