Many expressions of Nicholas - month 12

It's official. Nicholas is a year old. Gone are the little baby days (this make me cry a little) and onto the toddler days. And boy is he toddling, walking and attempting to run more and more. He is starting to understand what and where is off limits because as soon as he sees an opening he takes it (the stairs, my dinner plate, the boys toys, etc).

As mentioned above the walking continues and so does the dancing. He has some new moves, the twist. The move consists of bouncing up and down and twisting is upper body from side to side. He love to dance. He also like to jump or try too. He bounces on the bed and the trampoline and really anything squishy.

We have more recognizable words. Nicholas told me no-no! I was shocked but laughed. I was blocking his escape from his room and he told me no no. HE loves bananas and we recognize na-na. He also uses a Beh sound for Benjamin. Benjamin was hiding from Nicholas the other day and Nick kept chanting Beh, Beh, wanting Benjamin to re appear. Andrew is a bit dismayed that Nicholas cannot say his name. It's a bit harder and will come.

He continues to love the outdoors. In fact, he cries when we bring him inside. He is crying more and more as he does not get his way. It's quite funny. If he get's a hold of the remote and you try to take it from him you'd better watch out - a fit is coming.

We have a green light go on all food. He enjoyed his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich yesterday as well as eggs for breakfast this morning. I am feeding him almost everything we eat. HE is not too picky. Gone is formula and replace with whole milk. We are weaning him from the bottle as well.

He is still napping twice a day, which is so nice and he is sleeping through the night. Bedtime is 7:30 pm and he wakes around 6:30 each morning.

He is due for another haircut and a wardrobe update as much of his clothing is getting too small. He weighs 26 lbs and is in the 80% for weight and 50% for height. We need to invest in a larger backward facing car seat as he has 1 more year to go rear facing (new rule). He is a scrunched up little boy in his infant seat.

All is really well with Nicholas and all of us. His first year flew by and we enjoyed every little minute of it.

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!! We love you.

Happy Easter! 9 boys and 300+ eggs.

I had some updating to do... Sorry the for barrage of posts - this is the last one for the night, promise.

Saturday we had the immediate cousins over for an impromptu egg coloring and hunt. The egg coloring went well, no casualties. We had a great time hanging with family and the kids enjoyed looking for eggs. The new yard served as the perfect canvas for an egg hunt. After the hunt the boys sat on the trampoline and opened eggs with Grandma. Thanks everyone for making time to drive up and agreeing to this last minute request.

Note Nicholas' cute hair cut. More and more he is turning into a little boy.

Many expressions of Nicholas - month 9

Month 9 has arrived and boy was it hard to get here. February proved to be really hard for Nicholas (health wise). He spent most of the month battling ear infections (2 more) and a really nasty cold/cough. The photos from this month were taken on the 27th and show how unwell he felt. It was hard to catch him smiling that day.

Note: we are on our third round of antibiotics. If the ears do not clear up with this round we will see an ENT doctor to see about tubes...

Big news this month!!! He started crawling and boy does he move. This is also the reason many of the expression photos show him rolling over on his getaway. Crawling has led to furniture cruising. He prefers to stand at the coffee table and watch the action than to sit or crawl. Once, he also stood unassisted for about 3 seconds before taking a header into the carpet. He has become accustomed to bumps and bruises, and has learned to cautiously squat from a standing position to a sitting position.

He had his second haircut, this time at a salon and he handled it very well. Lots of movement but no tears and he got a balloon, something he was fascinated with.

Nicholas much prefers table food to the bottle (this might be because drinking from a bottle hurts his poor ears). He also has mastered the sippy cup. He loves water, bananas and graham crackers. He weighs 24.5 lbs. His thighs are the greatest!

We've started to notice the fussy side of Nicholas. Diapers changes are suddenly traumatic. He fusses when I leave the room or walk away from him. And, don't... whatever you do, take away an item he knows he shouldn't have (a piece of paper, small toys, etc). I didn't think Nick ever got mad, but that sure pushes his button. I removed a coupon from his hand at the grocery store the other day and he was suddenly possessed, really possessed!

He likes to be read to and does enjoy playing with baby apps on the ipad. He prefers balls and toy cars to all of the other baby toys we own.

Nicholas blew Chris a kiss goodnight tonight. It was so sweet and very noticeable. Speaking of kisses, he loves to kiss himself in the mirror. Most of the mirrors have Nicholas kissy marks. They make me happy. He is also fond of the open mouth slobber kiss. I guess I am too.

We love him so, so much!

Many expressions of Nicholas - month 8

This post is about a week overdue. Nicholas is now 8 months and 1 week. I snapped these photos of him last week but did not have a chance to edit or post them until now.

This past month Nicholas' two teeth continue to grow in. While his gums are swollen we have not had any sighting of more teeth. He has the most darling smile and likes to squint when he smiles.

He had his first haircut, see earlier post. And is in need of another trim.

He can now pinch and pick up bits of food with his index finger and thumb. He loves to feed himself. He loves bananas, spaghetti and oatmeal. He weighs 22 lbs.

He is such a happy and quiet baby. One evening this past week he had a unusually fussy night. When I grabbed him from the crib in the morning I noticed there was a bit of blood in the crib and around his ear. I suspected an ear infection but he had not been complaining or fussy, with exception of the night before. I took him in to the doctor to confirm that he had an ear infection. This is his second ear infection. We are treating him with bubblegum flavored antibiotics, which he loves. He sucks it out of the syringe.

Nicholas is mobile. He is not quite crawling but has figured out how to move with a seated scoot. He is also great at moving backwards on his belly. He can easily get himself in the crawling position and rocks back and forth. He can get himself into a sitting position from a laying position. I have found him sitting in his crib when he is supposed to be laying and sleeping. Today he pulled himself up by the dishwasher into a standing position and stood for exactly 1 second. He toppled over but gained control quickly. He bumps his head daily, usually on a toy, which frustrated and hurts him.

He loves to play peek-a-boo and can clap. He can wave his hand (mostly his whole arm) and waves night, night to the family before he goes to bed. He also likes to dance. His version is bouncing in a seated position when he hears music he likes. He is particular about what music he dances too...

Everyday is an absolute joy and passes too quickly. Andrew and Benjamin love to cheer with him at each of his milestones and they are very aware of when he does something new. I am constantly hearing "mom... look, Nick is doing ______"

We love watching him grow. He is the best!