I'm so excited! Our Honeycrisp apple tree produced a few apples for us this year. These apples are so delicious.

Today I picked, cored and dried a few of the apples. Tomorrow I hope to try applesauce and perhaps a pie?! Hmmm.

I've never dried apples before. I hope they turn out. They sure look pretty.

Planting seeds

We are so ready for spring around here. Perhaps a little early still, we planted seeds for the garden.  I had harvested some seeds from plants last year and we also purchased a fresh crop for this year.  This is a great project for all of the kids as everyday we are seeing growth progress.  Now if I can just keep the plants alive and Lucy away from them!

Yard work - Blackberries

Around here the snow has melted. The yard is in dire shape from a long winter. I've decided when the weather permits (today it was 70, yesterday 65) that I will work in the yard. Nicholas loves being outside and so do I. Yesterday I pruned all of our fruit trees, the are now ready to go. Today I set to work on weeding, pruning and setting the blackberries up to trellis. The plants were too small last year to trellis but as you can see they have grown. I hope to get a few pounds of fruit this year. If I do the yard in bite size chunks I might better maintain it this year.

I do love the Internet and You Tube specifically. Thanks Internet! I watched many a video on pruning trees and various pruning techniques. While not a pro, I think I got the job done.

Happy spring!

Planting Bulbs

The boys and I planted over 100 bulbs this afternoon. We had a great system. Andrew and Benj dug the holes, & I filled them with bulbs. Fast work even with baby bulb hijacking and other course corrections. Fingers crossed for a colorful spring.

What we planted:
50 Narcissus yellow trumpets
6 Globemaster Alliums - these are the BIG ones, bigger than a softball!
4 Fritillaria - these are a orangey tropical looking flower.
12 Ice Cream Tulips
10 Merlot Tulips
40 purple & white alliums - golf ball size flowers
6 Alliums - medium sized

Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone

Benjamin's cabbage

Check out the cabbage Benjamin is growing! He is hoping to win 1000.00 scholarship is his cabbage is the biggest. Go Ben! Either way it's been fun to watch it grow from a seed.

UPDATE:It looks like Ben might be the only kid in his class who has entered this contest. We are not sure if the scholarship is local or national but we'll find out. We had to weigh the cabbage tonight, 10.4 lb. Wowza.