Happy Birthday Grandma!

It's my mom's birthday today and I want to wish her the most fabulous birthday. The kids were excited to wish Grandma a great birthday. Each boy drew a sign and we texted her this photo. Andrew's sign is quite funny, he even takes a dig at me. Sunday we will celebrate in person.

Happy Birthday Grandma! We love you.

Nicholas 15 month - milestones

Nicholas had his 15 month check up this morning. All is really well and he is growing nicely. He had two shots today and now all vaccinations are up to date.

Here are his stats - we've got a big boy!
28.6 lbs = 89 percentile
32.28 length = 83 percentile
19.3 inches head circumference = 92 percentile

Milestones (last 3 months):
Food: Nicholas no longer takes a bottle. He can and will eat almost anything you put in front of him. Even if it's not edible. Crayons, dirt, nerf bullets, and dog food are among his secret pleasures. He knows these items are off limits for eating yet somehow I still find them in his mouth. Speaking of chompers, Nicholas has been teething for the last month. His first set of molars are making an appearance. He has almost 12 teeth.

Words: Everyday it seems he is learning a new word or two. When prompted with "ready, set" Nicholas will yell "go". Here are a few of his new words that we can understand; yellow, moo, book, out, hot, go, more, one, up, whoa, and lots of grunts and UH, UH, UH for things he can't say. Non verbally he can point for items he wants and go to the door for outside. Some of the inside doors he can open on his own as well as turn on the bath water and lights. He rubs his hands together like he is washing them after I change his bottom. He knows the drill!

Motion: Nicholas loves to jump. He jumps on command, jumps on the trampoline, jumps in the pool and tries to jump off the couch, bed or coffee table. He actually gets a couple inches of air. Which leads me to climbing... He can climb really well. He climbs the stairs, the ladder to his slide, climbs onto the couch and coffee table. He is a daredevil and attempts to climb most things. He is also quite the dancer. He has his own set of moves and stops dancing whenever I pull the camera out so I never seem to catch these precious moments.

Body recognition: He is very aware of his body and is starting to point out various body parts on command. He knows belly, nose, eyes and toes really well. Patting his belly is his favorite.

Attitude: Generally he is mellow and very happy. Sometimes he wakes up grumpy in the morning and says "no, no" if the older boys come too close. He laughs if everyone else is laughing even though he doesn't understand what may be funny. He is starting to through tantrums if he doesn't get what he wants. These tantrums involve laying on the floor or putting his head down, real tears and stop the second he gets what he wants. We are doing our best to ignore them. He loves his big brothers and really wants to be doing whatever they are doing. Wresting, riding bikes, swimming, watering the flowers, playing ball, reading or playing the computer. The boys are so good with him and really involve him in their activities. I think they enjoy it.

Sleep: Nicholas gets great sleep at night. He heads to bed around 7:30 after a nightly ritual of bath, teeth brushing and a story. He wakes every morning around 6:30-7:00 am. He has weened himself off of two naps much to my dismay. He is taking one long nap from noon to 2:30-3ish. This seems to be enough for him although he does get a bit cranky if the nap is not at least 2 hours.

Random: Somehow we have taught Nicholas to shake his head back and forth when we say Beiber Baby. On command is we say Beiber Baby Nicholas will shakes his head (and hair) back and forth with gusto. It's quite funny. He loves to give a high five and the boys are working on knuckles. He also gets great enjoyment out of telling the dog "no, no". He does this every time he sees Lucy even if she is behaving. Such a mimic. The dog is also a great co conspirator and eats anything Nicholas hands him. Lucy & I still get a lot of open mouth kisses and tonight I got my first ear wet willy. He knew what he was doing and laughed as I yelled gross and recoiled.

I thought I'd share some photos of Nicholas playing with Andrew and Benjamin on the trampoline. He love to jump and wrestle and he soaks in every little thing the older boys do and tries to mimic in someway.

He is so special and everyday we love him more and more!

Game of Risk!

Risk! Boys are spending a week with Grandma & Grandpa. Nicholas and I dropped them off last night. The boys immediately started a game of Risk which the same game apparently is still being played today. Too funny!

Many expressions of Nicholas - month 12

It's official. Nicholas is a year old. Gone are the little baby days (this make me cry a little) and onto the toddler days. And boy is he toddling, walking and attempting to run more and more. He is starting to understand what and where is off limits because as soon as he sees an opening he takes it (the stairs, my dinner plate, the boys toys, etc).

As mentioned above the walking continues and so does the dancing. He has some new moves, the twist. The move consists of bouncing up and down and twisting is upper body from side to side. He love to dance. He also like to jump or try too. He bounces on the bed and the trampoline and really anything squishy.

We have more recognizable words. Nicholas told me no-no! I was shocked but laughed. I was blocking his escape from his room and he told me no no. HE loves bananas and we recognize na-na. He also uses a Beh sound for Benjamin. Benjamin was hiding from Nicholas the other day and Nick kept chanting Beh, Beh, wanting Benjamin to re appear. Andrew is a bit dismayed that Nicholas cannot say his name. It's a bit harder and will come.

He continues to love the outdoors. In fact, he cries when we bring him inside. He is crying more and more as he does not get his way. It's quite funny. If he get's a hold of the remote and you try to take it from him you'd better watch out - a fit is coming.

We have a green light go on all food. He enjoyed his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich yesterday as well as eggs for breakfast this morning. I am feeding him almost everything we eat. HE is not too picky. Gone is formula and replace with whole milk. We are weaning him from the bottle as well.

He is still napping twice a day, which is so nice and he is sleeping through the night. Bedtime is 7:30 pm and he wakes around 6:30 each morning.

He is due for another haircut and a wardrobe update as much of his clothing is getting too small. He weighs 26 lbs and is in the 80% for weight and 50% for height. We need to invest in a larger backward facing car seat as he has 1 more year to go rear facing (new rule). He is a scrunched up little boy in his infant seat.

All is really well with Nicholas and all of us. His first year flew by and we enjoyed every little minute of it.

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!! We love you.

Many expressions of Nicholas - month 11

This post is much delayed. In just five days Nicholas will be a year old. But... I still have time to do an eleven month post. I took these photos on his 11 month birthday. So let's pretend it's 3 weeks ago.

Nicholas is 11 months old!!! Time continues to fly. Much happened in the last month or so. Nicholas have tubes put into his ears. His hearing and health are much improved. We took a family trip to Orlando and Nicholas handled both flights, the beach, tons of new family and 3 amusement parks really well. He is a travel trooper!

Nicholas can walk. And Run! It started with 3 steps, and then 5 and then 11 and then full fledged walking. The boys helped keep track of his steps and by the time he hit 18 we figured why count anymore. This baby can walk. And dance. He loves to shake his booty to singing and anything that resembles music.

We have 4 recognizable words. Ball (ba), dad (da), mom (ma), dog (daa). Dog kind of sounds like dad but somehow we know the difference.

As his personality develops so does his behavior. He likes to hit Benjamin in the face. Funny at first, now we must stop him or teach him to be soft. Andrew's glasses are a constant fascination. Nicholas' mighty grip has bent them twice.

He loves the outdoors, grass, ball games and trampolines.

It's hard to believe he will be a year old this Friday. Everyday is a blessing! So lucky.