Decor for the basement

I've started my wall decor of fabric and cross stitch hoops based from a display I saw in New York. I've found most of the hoops at thrift stores for around a dollar each. The fabric is mostly from SU. A fun and cheap project I can swap out on a whim. Color of photo is poor, forgive the phone photo.

High Chair update

We were fortunate to have save Andrew's high chair and now are using it with Nicholas. You may have noticed the super ugly high chair cover from the previous post (you may not have noticed but I sure did!). The chair is over 11 years old and the cover was all ugly, crusty, and gross, really gross. After Nick's haircut I decided to make a new cover. I think it turned out pretty cute. I used Stampin' Up! Designer fabric.

nursery part 2

I bought this storytime rocker chair on clearance a few weeks back thinking it was a great deal but not the color I wanted, it was yellow and kind of dirty. I figured I would try and dye the fabric. I was a bit nervous to attempt this as I have never tried to dye anything before. I purchased rit dye ($2.00 a box) and did a bit of online research before attempting. Everything I read suggested the easiest way to go about dying fabric was the washing machine method. Rit packaging had great directions and I proceeded to dye the fabric in my washing machine. The dying (IMO) was a success, and only took about 1.5 hours, however I needed to wash the slipcover so many times to be sure the dye set and rinsed clear that the slip cover shrunk and frayed. Crap. Best of intentions. Now I need to figure out how to jerry rig it to fit the chair or (gasp) start from scratch and make my own cover. I think I can fix the fraying but not sure how to go about correcting the shrinkage?! Chris thinks I should have bought the right chair to begin with but where is the fun in that?

On the bright side (pun intended) I found this cool orange lamp at TJ max. It'll be perfect for his room. I was trying to figure out how I could tie orange into the room without it being obnoxious. This will work.

Chair without slipcover

Chair with slip cover

Crib bedding

We got rid of most of our baby gear when Benjamin turned five, including all the bedding. I guess now it's a good reason to start over, nothing I made 10 years ago would be in style now anyway.

After Andrew and I assembled the crib a few weeks ago we realized bedding was needed next. Last weekend Benjamin and I went fabric shopping (Benjamin didn't really enjoy this as we needed to visit 3-4 stores before I found what I liked). It took me a while to land on a few fabric choices I thought could be cute together. I found paring fabric pretty hard. Last Saturday and Sunday we set to sewing and hacking our way through the bedding project. Hacking is the best way to describe it, but in the end we finally finished. Each boy took part in sewing and pinning. For the most part I think it turned out pretty cute. We accomplished the crib skirt, the bumper and sheets. I have a bunch a fabric and trims left over to start on a quilt. A project for another weekend.

Today I put the bedding on the crib and started to organize the babies new room just a little. Every week we hope to be a bit more prepared for this new arrival.