Many expressions of Nicholas - month 12

It's official. Nicholas is a year old. Gone are the little baby days (this make me cry a little) and onto the toddler days. And boy is he toddling, walking and attempting to run more and more. He is starting to understand what and where is off limits because as soon as he sees an opening he takes it (the stairs, my dinner plate, the boys toys, etc).

As mentioned above the walking continues and so does the dancing. He has some new moves, the twist. The move consists of bouncing up and down and twisting is upper body from side to side. He love to dance. He also like to jump or try too. He bounces on the bed and the trampoline and really anything squishy.

We have more recognizable words. Nicholas told me no-no! I was shocked but laughed. I was blocking his escape from his room and he told me no no. HE loves bananas and we recognize na-na. He also uses a Beh sound for Benjamin. Benjamin was hiding from Nicholas the other day and Nick kept chanting Beh, Beh, wanting Benjamin to re appear. Andrew is a bit dismayed that Nicholas cannot say his name. It's a bit harder and will come.

He continues to love the outdoors. In fact, he cries when we bring him inside. He is crying more and more as he does not get his way. It's quite funny. If he get's a hold of the remote and you try to take it from him you'd better watch out - a fit is coming.

We have a green light go on all food. He enjoyed his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich yesterday as well as eggs for breakfast this morning. I am feeding him almost everything we eat. HE is not too picky. Gone is formula and replace with whole milk. We are weaning him from the bottle as well.

He is still napping twice a day, which is so nice and he is sleeping through the night. Bedtime is 7:30 pm and he wakes around 6:30 each morning.

He is due for another haircut and a wardrobe update as much of his clothing is getting too small. He weighs 26 lbs and is in the 80% for weight and 50% for height. We need to invest in a larger backward facing car seat as he has 1 more year to go rear facing (new rule). He is a scrunched up little boy in his infant seat.

All is really well with Nicholas and all of us. His first year flew by and we enjoyed every little minute of it.

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!! We love you.

Many expressions of Nicholas - month 11

This post is much delayed. In just five days Nicholas will be a year old. But... I still have time to do an eleven month post. I took these photos on his 11 month birthday. So let's pretend it's 3 weeks ago.

Nicholas is 11 months old!!! Time continues to fly. Much happened in the last month or so. Nicholas have tubes put into his ears. His hearing and health are much improved. We took a family trip to Orlando and Nicholas handled both flights, the beach, tons of new family and 3 amusement parks really well. He is a travel trooper!

Nicholas can walk. And Run! It started with 3 steps, and then 5 and then 11 and then full fledged walking. The boys helped keep track of his steps and by the time he hit 18 we figured why count anymore. This baby can walk. And dance. He loves to shake his booty to singing and anything that resembles music.

We have 4 recognizable words. Ball (ba), dad (da), mom (ma), dog (daa). Dog kind of sounds like dad but somehow we know the difference.

As his personality develops so does his behavior. He likes to hit Benjamin in the face. Funny at first, now we must stop him or teach him to be soft. Andrew's glasses are a constant fascination. Nicholas' mighty grip has bent them twice.

He loves the outdoors, grass, ball games and trampolines.

It's hard to believe he will be a year old this Friday. Everyday is a blessing! So lucky.

Little helper

I have many blog posts... I'm a bit behind. I will update soon with vacation pics, expressions of Nicholas month 11 and yard stuff. Until then you can enjoy Nicholas helping put away groceries, or rather remove from fridge. He does take a tumble at the end of the video but all was ok.

Many expressions of Nicholas - month 10

Nicholas is 10 months old!!! Time has really flown by. Nicholas has been feeling much better regarding his ears however he still has a ton of fluid in both ears that is affecting his hearing. We have an appointment with an ENT Wednesday to figure out what to do.

Crawling has become old hat. Boy can this baby move. Diaper changes have becoming increasing difficult and he usually ends up diaperless for a while before I tackle him down. Nicholas loves to be chased and giggles as he crawls away from you. His new favorite move is standing and he is quite good at it. He can bring himself to a stand without any help from the furniture. He'll be walking soon.

I believe he has said his first wood, I think... Ball. He loves balls and says "ba" whenever he sees one. With all of the sports around Nicholas he is sure to grow up an athlete. This morning at Andrew's soccer game he sat fascinated through most of the game. He clapped when everyone clapped.

Speaking of mimicking... he loves to pretend laugh when everyone is laughing. It's hilarious and ends up making us laugh at him.

He love to be sung too. And he is a dancer, he is constantly swaying back and forth or rocking when he hears music. His favorite songs right now are Itsy Bitsy spider, Barney's "I love you" and the ABC's.

He weighs 25.3 lbs. I know this because we had a follow up appointment last week to check on his ears. He does not like to be weighed.

He has spent more time outdoors this week than his entire life and he loves it. He sucks in his breath when the wind blows and smiles instantly when you take him out of the car into the fresh air. He enjoys walks in his stroller and holds on tight to the stroller cup holders as we walk.

He also loves to cuddle and I am so happy that he does. Each night when I put him to bed I get to cuddle and hug with him. I hope he never grows out of hugs.

Many expressions of Nicholas - month 9

Month 9 has arrived and boy was it hard to get here. February proved to be really hard for Nicholas (health wise). He spent most of the month battling ear infections (2 more) and a really nasty cold/cough. The photos from this month were taken on the 27th and show how unwell he felt. It was hard to catch him smiling that day.

Note: we are on our third round of antibiotics. If the ears do not clear up with this round we will see an ENT doctor to see about tubes...

Big news this month!!! He started crawling and boy does he move. This is also the reason many of the expression photos show him rolling over on his getaway. Crawling has led to furniture cruising. He prefers to stand at the coffee table and watch the action than to sit or crawl. Once, he also stood unassisted for about 3 seconds before taking a header into the carpet. He has become accustomed to bumps and bruises, and has learned to cautiously squat from a standing position to a sitting position.

He had his second haircut, this time at a salon and he handled it very well. Lots of movement but no tears and he got a balloon, something he was fascinated with.

Nicholas much prefers table food to the bottle (this might be because drinking from a bottle hurts his poor ears). He also has mastered the sippy cup. He loves water, bananas and graham crackers. He weighs 24.5 lbs. His thighs are the greatest!

We've started to notice the fussy side of Nicholas. Diapers changes are suddenly traumatic. He fusses when I leave the room or walk away from him. And, don't... whatever you do, take away an item he knows he shouldn't have (a piece of paper, small toys, etc). I didn't think Nick ever got mad, but that sure pushes his button. I removed a coupon from his hand at the grocery store the other day and he was suddenly possessed, really possessed!

He likes to be read to and does enjoy playing with baby apps on the ipad. He prefers balls and toy cars to all of the other baby toys we own.

Nicholas blew Chris a kiss goodnight tonight. It was so sweet and very noticeable. Speaking of kisses, he loves to kiss himself in the mirror. Most of the mirrors have Nicholas kissy marks. They make me happy. He is also fond of the open mouth slobber kiss. I guess I am too.

We love him so, so much!