Decor for the basement

I've started my wall decor of fabric and cross stitch hoops based from a display I saw in New York. I've found most of the hoops at thrift stores for around a dollar each. The fabric is mostly from SU. A fun and cheap project I can swap out on a whim. Color of photo is poor, forgive the phone photo.

SU convention 2011 - product park

Another year another Stampin' Up! convention has come and gone. The theme this year was GROW and all of the displays and classes tied into the theme really well. Many folks in our department were charged with creating displays using our products. The product display theme was Product Park and each display was a little garden of products tied to the product suite theme. I was given two product suites to display (Flirtatious and Letters to Santa) and enlisted the fabulous folks from my team to help pull them off. Here are photos from the two displays I was in charge of. Most of the hours spent on these displays were volunteer outside of work hours (yes, I do have a real job that takes up the work day). So I took great advantage of the evening hours the month Chris and the boys were traveling the country. In all I believe I spent a good 40-50 hours creating these displays. It was a fun project and a great opportunity to use Stampin' Up! products in abundance. Here is a link to photos of many of the other displays as taken by a demonstrator at convention. And another link here. I didn't take the greatest pictures with my phone (terrible really), I'll see if I can find some better ones...

2009-08-08 @ The Gorge Amphitheatre | from the road

2009-08-08 @ The Gorge Amphitheatre | from the road

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So bummed we missed the shows... the set lists are amazing. Chris was able to give the tickets to friends who called last night and said they had an amazing time. New converts to the band. They couldn't believe how much fun it was. That made Chris feel much better about missing the shows. Pollock posters announced via twitter but I was unable to act. Useless. A poster for each night. Just as well, no more wall space to display anyway. Pictures from show will be posted to phish site shortly.