Many expressions of Nicholas - month 8

This post is about a week overdue. Nicholas is now 8 months and 1 week. I snapped these photos of him last week but did not have a chance to edit or post them until now.

This past month Nicholas' two teeth continue to grow in. While his gums are swollen we have not had any sighting of more teeth. He has the most darling smile and likes to squint when he smiles.

He had his first haircut, see earlier post. And is in need of another trim.

He can now pinch and pick up bits of food with his index finger and thumb. He loves to feed himself. He loves bananas, spaghetti and oatmeal. He weighs 22 lbs.

He is such a happy and quiet baby. One evening this past week he had a unusually fussy night. When I grabbed him from the crib in the morning I noticed there was a bit of blood in the crib and around his ear. I suspected an ear infection but he had not been complaining or fussy, with exception of the night before. I took him in to the doctor to confirm that he had an ear infection. This is his second ear infection. We are treating him with bubblegum flavored antibiotics, which he loves. He sucks it out of the syringe.

Nicholas is mobile. He is not quite crawling but has figured out how to move with a seated scoot. He is also great at moving backwards on his belly. He can easily get himself in the crawling position and rocks back and forth. He can get himself into a sitting position from a laying position. I have found him sitting in his crib when he is supposed to be laying and sleeping. Today he pulled himself up by the dishwasher into a standing position and stood for exactly 1 second. He toppled over but gained control quickly. He bumps his head daily, usually on a toy, which frustrated and hurts him.

He loves to play peek-a-boo and can clap. He can wave his hand (mostly his whole arm) and waves night, night to the family before he goes to bed. He also likes to dance. His version is bouncing in a seated position when he hears music he likes. He is particular about what music he dances too...

Everyday is an absolute joy and passes too quickly. Andrew and Benjamin love to cheer with him at each of his milestones and they are very aware of when he does something new. I am constantly hearing "mom... look, Nick is doing ______"

We love watching him grow. He is the best!

Many expression of Nicholas - month 7

We have approached another month. Nicholas is now 7 months old. I am amazed how fast each month is flying by. It's bittersweet.

This past month Nicholas got his first two teeth. They appeared a few days before Christmas. He has spent most of the past few weeks sucking in on his bottom lip, I think it makes his bottom gum feel a bit better.

Nick is loving table food and has moved onto breads and yogurt. His pincher fingers are not quite working yet, so he leans towards my fingers with his mouth ready to receive little bits of bread. He loves spaghetti and I have found that it grinds up nicely in the food processor.

Nicholas is getting stronger by the day. His desire for mobility is evident. Last night he had turned himself 180 degrees in his crib. I woke to find him smiling back at me from a different direction. When he sits he rocks forward and tries to move forward. He has face planted it a couple of times but no tears, just startled. No crawling yet but movement for sure. His strength has allowed us to loose the baby bathtub (yeah, one less piece of baby gear). He can sit just fine in the tub and loves to splash.

His hair is longer and needs a cut. I must put a leave in conditioner on his hair every night or he wakes up with a major rats nest in the morning.

He loves his brothers and Lucy (our Dog). His face lights up and gets extremely excited whenever any of them enter a room. He is so much fun to be around. We love to cuddle and hug him, maybe too much. We are so lucky!!!

Nicholas is 4 months old!

Today marks four months since Nicholas was born. He had his four month check up this morning and the doctor was surprised with how much he has grown. He weighed in at a whopping 18 lbs 10 oz (98%) and 26 inches long. The big guy was tough through his vaccinations and only cried for a few seconds.

The pediatrician gave us the green light to start feeding him rice cereal. Once he takes to the cereal we can start to introduce other foods every couple of days. It's interesting how baby parenting has changed in the last 10 years. The doctor mentioned that food allergies were no longer as much of a concern. As long as the food was pureed, we can pretty much introduce what ever we feel like, little by little. I mixed a little rice with his formula tonight and attempted to spoon feed him. Not much luck as he didn't seem fond of the texture. He didn't try to push the food out, just made lots of ick and yuck faces.

This last month Nick has become much more alert. He has shared many smiles and giggles. This last week I've noticed a higher pitched scream type laugh and lots of "fake" coughing. When I mimic his cough he smiles. His unruly hair is thicker and longer. His grasp is becoming more controlled. His fingers have found his mouth and we rarely see him without drool. And he is attempting to roll. A few days ago I found him on his belly in his crib when I know he started out on his back. Saturday Chris and I witnessed a half roll while sitting on a blanket watching Andrew's soccer game. We cheered for him like he had just scored a goal. I know it must be hard to get 18 plus pounds to roll over, he is making great attempts. His legs and neck are super strong.

Every day is such a joy. We are so lucky.

Fabulous Baby Shower!

As you know, it's been a few years since we had our last baby. Almost 8 to be exact. As we got rid of all our baby gear when Benjamin turned five, we have been gathering up the baby goods from family, friends, and garage sales.

My sweet team at work decided to throw a baby shower for me. They are so thoughtful. I felt a little weird about a baby shower for a third baby but they assured me this was normal with the time lapse and also, more than anything, they told me they just wanted to plan a shower. You'll see from the photos (sorry for the quality of the phone photos) that Stampin’ Up! showers, parties or any event you can decorate gets the full treatment. It really was a team effort.

The girls (Annie, Dani and Julie) took inspiration from my crib bedding for color and theme. The decor, balloons, banner and party favors all matched exactly. With the help of other sweeties in the SU world they brought in the famous Kathy cookies and Amy cupcakes. Eating these treats on their own is truly an event. They also served a Cafe Rio lunch, i.e. "Free Meal!" for all who attended-complete with sugar rimmed Fauxjitos!

I can't tell you how touched I am by the effort the girls put into planning this event. I am also grateful for the many friends who took time out of their busy day to attend. I can't believe the generosity from all these great people. It was humbling. You can see from the pictures just a few of the super cute (and many homemade) gifts that were given to our new baby. While thank you notes are coming I must say a HUGE THANK YOU now as well. When we unloaded all the gifts from the car, Chris and the boys were truly amazed with the generosity as well. Thank you all for your caring and sharing in this exciting time with us.

Quilt pattern

Some of the girls at work have offered to help sew together the front of the baby quilt I wanted to make. We are getting together tomorrow night. My assignment this weekend was to cut out all the pieces. I had a really heard time deciding on a pattern, I opted for simple squares using most of the same material that I used with the crib bedding. Here is my prototype that I drew up quickly in illustrator, I had to draw the patterns from each square so I could imagine the end result ( I just could not visualize!). It took about 15 different tries before I found the pattern I liked best. As soon as the quilt is finished I'll post the results.