China - final post

I had a a really great experience in China this year.  Here are a few more random shots from the trip.  I ended up snapping over 1500 hundred photos on my phone alone.  I haven't even downloaded the shots from my canon.

I leave you with some HUMOR
It was difficult not to be amused by the creativity of the Chinese people and their culture differences.  Often I found myself smiling...

Notice the flattening technique employed at this factory. Can I have my product flattened by your rear end?

These taped up hair dryers that are meant to dry small areas of paint are also an act of genius.

China - the food

Dining in China is an experience filled with lots of wonder.  Lucky for us Steve handled most of our ordering whenever we ate.  Most vendors took us to 5 star restaurants. Food preparation and presentation at these restaurants is very important in China.  As Steve told us the reason most of the food comes out with the head still attached is to demonstrate that is is fresh and was just killed.  Good to know. Also important to note with the seafood it is important that you choose what you want prepared from the fish tanks.  Pretty much anything you would see at an aquarium is fair game.  Turtles, string rays, eels, octopus, squid, you name it.

Most meals are served family style around a large table.  All meals are eaten with chopsticks.  Tea is typically the only beverage served.  We all requested waters and cokes with every meal and I am sure this was deemed strange.

My favorites: Cabbage & pork,  noodles, steamed rolls, dumplings and shrimp.
I avoided: turtles, pigeon, chicken feet, squid, frog legs, and the like.

China - random views

It seemed our views changed quite often and each view so different from the next.  Here are some various shots from our many hotel rooms (8 in total) as well as factories and roadside.

China - factory inspiration

Each factory we visited was so varied with the types of products they produced and hence so was the equipment used.  I really found these on site visits most inspiring and could of spent many more hours just taking pictures.  This was a hard bunch of photos to edit down but I think this selection represents this trip well.

China - Driving in China

The biggest involuntary risk you take when in China is traveling by car.  It's best if you close your eyes and pray you arrive to your next destination in one piece.  Driving by car is unavoidable. Gasping and clenching your teeth is pretty much how you get by.  Every day it seemed we had a near accident.   It didn't help much that it rained most every day, all day. We did see two episodes where pedestrians had been hit by a car.  Crazy & sad. We drove on the wrong side of the road more than once for over a mile.  It's fair game for all types of cars, bikes, makeshift bikes, scooters and people to be on any type of road at anytime, including freeways. Once to two inches of space between cars is common. The car horn is used constantly - constantly!  It serves as a warning that you are coming, so everyman for themselves and you'd better watch out. In hindsight quite entertaining and more of an adrenaline rush than a roller coaster.

Something to note. Steve (a coworker from our China office and primary driver) keeps a bat in his car in case he needs it.  Comforting.