Goodbye 2013

Happy Holidays and goodbye 2013.  Here is a look at the Christmas card I designed this year.  I took an annual report/info-graphic approach and listed out our family stats.  It's fun to see our year this way. I noticed I fell behind on blog posting this year.  Not really sure why... maybe it was all of those baseball games? In 2013 I posted just over 100 times and in 2012 I had an all-time high record of 287. In 2011 I posted 238 times. Whoa. That's a lot of posting - thanks for sticking with me over the years.  I am happy to have this online journal and it'll be nice for the kids to go through one day.

So on this last day of of 2013 (my last post for 2013) I wish you all a Happy New year and lots of love,  happiness, luck and health for 2014. 

Dynamic views - fail

Ok - so I was (and am) loving the look of the Dynamic views template in blogger however the lack of control over the customization was killing me.  I have switched back temporarily until blogger makes a few needed updates or I can write my own code. I know widgets and crap are not the coolest but I do want to house some links and things occasionally and like having that option.  Thank you for your patience while I change up the blog... the few of you out there reading this blog.

Craft room in Creating Keepsakes

My craft room is published! Photo proof. I am pretty excited to announce that Creating Keepsakes has featured my craft room in their September 2011 issue. Friend and Editor Megan wrote a nice little bit about my room and how I store stamps. I am tickled and really surprised how organized (and full) my room looks in a photograph.

Joellyn - does this room count towards fung shei Friday?

Side note: sorry I have been neglecting the blog a bit lately. It's been extremely busy at work, home and life and unfortunately blogging first seems to be the first to go. I'll try harder, even if only by phone.

Crazy Creative!!!

My good friend Paula recently started a new career venture. You can follow her musings at her blog. I did want to share with you all that that she is crazy creative, I am talking nuts! She makes these fabulous ironing board covers (and other things) and sells on her etsy shop. I own own and I also bought one and gave to mom last mother's day. Mom can vouch for the quality and loves her cover too! I hope she doesn't mind but I took one of photos off of her etsy site to share. So buy one if you are interested - they are awesome and really dress up a nasty task. Chris can vouch for that.

Also Paula has two other etsy shops one for vintage finds and another for additional handmade goodies. Check these out often too.

I love Miss Paula and wish her enormous luck and good fortune on this new adventure. If I am lucky she may invite me over one night to craft or garage sale with her on a Saturday.

Blogging time - road trip pictures

OK - it's high time I sat down and actually blogged from our home computer instead of my phone. I downloaded the photos the boys took from their trip (17 GB) and enjoyed touring the country via digital photo. Here are a just few highlights. The photos from the trip are front loaded as it seems they grew tired of snapping pictures of the second half of the trip (nothing from mammoth caves, baseball games or camp sites). I will only share a few wildlife photos with you but if you are interested Benjamin took many of a shot of buffalo, chip monks, antelope and other wildlife. He is a pretty good little photographer. My favorite photo is the buffalo with 5 birds perched on it's back. I also only decided to share one animal dung photo with you. Realize these are boys gone wild with the camera... I decided not to crop or edit the photos so you can see them as they were captured. Fun stuff.