Baby shower Decor

A few weeks back we had a baby shower for a co worker.  My team and I created all of the decor/favors.  I really think it turned out cute but I never got around to blogging the photos (I really need to break out my big camera every once in a while - phone photos must suffice).  Here they are... for documentation sake.

We created favors, decorated the water bottles, made a banner and the cutest of all... party hats for the stuffed animal center pieces.  Supplies are all Stampin' Up! with the Morning Mocha designer series paper as the foundation inspiration.

Shower openhouse

This post is a little belated... I guess I have been a bit busy preparing for this new little one.

A couple of weeks ago, Mom and Kylene threw us a baby shower open house up Ogden. They did such a cute job with all the decor and food. They handmade all the invites and made these cute sewn baby diaper party favors. Geoff even got in the game and help make the "it's a boy" banner. I appreciate how much work and effort they put into this open house.

It was really nice to catch up with family and friends that I have not seen in ages. It was such a treat to visit with everyone, and when it was over I was sad to see them all go. I am constantly amazed at the generosity our loved ones have shown us. We are officially all set for the new baby!

Chris and I spent yesterday putting away and assembling the last of the baby equipment (swings, nap shacks, clothing and toys). The baby gear these days is much fancier than it was ten years ago, and much simpler to put together. Geoff, Ky, Logan and Isaac came by and we were able to test all the gear on Issac. Works perfectly!

We are scheduled for an induction on Wednesday, May 26, arriving at the hospital around 11. I am curious how long this labor will take in comparison to Andrew (34 hours) and Benjamin (11 hours). I hope quickly but we'll see. Long or short we will have a sweet new baby next week sometime. We are excited.

Great mother's day ideas & inspiration

A while back I shared the darling ironing board cover I purchased from my friend Paula. I wanted to share her link with you all because she has more darling ironing board covers to choose from on her etsy shop. These are great ideas as shower gifts or for mother's day. Check it out.

Also, look at the cute baby stuff Christy has made lately. I love this highchair slip cover. I may have to copy her. She also made a great car seat canopy. Instructions on how to make are on her blog.

Fabulous Baby Shower!

As you know, it's been a few years since we had our last baby. Almost 8 to be exact. As we got rid of all our baby gear when Benjamin turned five, we have been gathering up the baby goods from family, friends, and garage sales.

My sweet team at work decided to throw a baby shower for me. They are so thoughtful. I felt a little weird about a baby shower for a third baby but they assured me this was normal with the time lapse and also, more than anything, they told me they just wanted to plan a shower. You'll see from the photos (sorry for the quality of the phone photos) that Stampin’ Up! showers, parties or any event you can decorate gets the full treatment. It really was a team effort.

The girls (Annie, Dani and Julie) took inspiration from my crib bedding for color and theme. The decor, balloons, banner and party favors all matched exactly. With the help of other sweeties in the SU world they brought in the famous Kathy cookies and Amy cupcakes. Eating these treats on their own is truly an event. They also served a Cafe Rio lunch, i.e. "Free Meal!" for all who attended-complete with sugar rimmed Fauxjitos!

I can't tell you how touched I am by the effort the girls put into planning this event. I am also grateful for the many friends who took time out of their busy day to attend. I can't believe the generosity from all these great people. It was humbling. You can see from the pictures just a few of the super cute (and many homemade) gifts that were given to our new baby. While thank you notes are coming I must say a HUGE THANK YOU now as well. When we unloaded all the gifts from the car, Chris and the boys were truly amazed with the generosity as well. Thank you all for your caring and sharing in this exciting time with us.