Soccer for Nic!

Nicholas just finished his first soccer season and received his very first trophy. So exciting. He said... "I can add this trophy to my collection, like brothers."

Valentine love

This one had fun making valentines for preschool and more fun discovering all of the neat valentines made for him. He folded, packed and stamped each box.
Fun holiday.

Food color is not a toy

"I don't wannabe a murf!"

This sneaky one got into the food color and proceeded to play. I caught him blue handed!

These photos are after washing his hand with vinegar and baking soda 10 times.


Nic skis!

Chris took all the boys up skiing this past weekend. Nicholas did well and enjoyed the two runs he got in before the big wipeout. Hot cocoa at the lodge calmed him down and I think he is ready for his next trip. We might need to get him lessons since Chris can't bend over that well anymore. Dang hip!