Ka-POW! Happy birthday!!!

Hb Logan and Isaac! We had such a great time at your super hero birthday party. Ky outdid herself with hero themed decor, food and costumes! The boys got into the theme and Nicholas has been wearing his costume (party swag gift) all week.

Here is a glimpse (crappy phone photos).

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom & family

Isaac (1 week shy of 6 months)

Grandma Great & Nicholas

Ben & Logan

I am week late in posting pictures from Mom's birthday party last week. We had a great time visiting with cousins, Grandma Great, Aunt Julie and the rest of the family. It's always a good time when everyone gets together. We don't do it nearly often enough.

Mom made her own birthday blackberry dumpling cobbler (a Mahgnon recipe) and everyone gobbled it up. I grabbed the recipe to try it when I eventually get a blackberry crop.

Mom enjoyed a few presents and the grand kids were happy to watch her open them We love you MOM! Happy Birthday.

Bear Lake

Boys hike to Bloomington Lake

Glacier filled lake

Isaac, 3.5 months, Nicholas, 5 weeks

It was a chilly weekend, too cold to hang much at the Lake (59 air temp) so we had fun loafing at the cabin. The kids and I spent 5 days with Mom & Dad, Beau, Nickole & boys, Geoff, Ky & boys. Chris joined us on Friday after work (the boys & I arrived on Wednesday). Our visit was filled with, playing, visiting, golfing, golf ball hunting, hiking, a little lake time, lots of Wii time, smores, dutch oven meals and a boatload of little boys (9 boy cousins total).

Most of the family (Kylene & I stayed behind to care for the babies) hiked up to Bloomington lake. It's a Glacier filled lake, and about a 3 mile hike. Once there Chris and Beau tempted the boys with 10 bucks each if they stripped down to their underwear and jumped into the ice cold lake. After much persuasion, Brenden, Andrew and Benjamin took the challenge and ended up 10 dollars richer. Funny enough, it was harder to get them down into their underwear than it was to get them into the lake. I've been instructed by Andrew not to post those pictures!!!

Thanks mom and Dad for a great holiday weekend!