Not sure why this didn't post last week.  Better late...

Each kiddo had a super fun night trick-or-treating.  Nicholas got the hang of things quickly and ran door to door, wanting to be the leader. Ben made plans and went with friends for over 4 hours. Andrew spent the first bit with Nicholas and then met up with friends for the last bit. His costume was a hit and appropriately timed. Here are the last of our Halloween photos and some photos from the night.

Side notes: I did a Halloween sampler swap with friends from SU, here is a crappy phone shot, you can really see the detail but I wanted to document it. And, Andrew made this super cool, ceramics pumpkin in school-I love it. 

Pumpkin patch

I took Nic and Ben up to Ogden Saturday to see Geoff & Ky's new house (Andrew and Chris are in St. George for a baseball tournament).

Geoff and Ky are still unpacking so we decided to take their boys out of their hair for a few hours. We hit the pumpkin patch, Kurt's Drive-in (glaciers... Yum!), and a visit with Grandpa. It was a super fun afternoon and the pumpkin patch was awesome! These boys are funny, each wanting to try on the stinky pumpkin head.

Halloween banner

Halloween is one if my favorite holidays because it is just so fun to decorate for.

Last week I met up with Paula and we stopped by Tai Pan. The place was decked out with crazy Halloween decor. Usually I find Tai pan somewhat inexpensive - not this time around. While there we saw a super cute, small Halloween banner. Not wanting to spend the $30.00 we decided to make one. 

After little time and a lot of conversation we finished our banners. Much cuter and a little larger than the original. Besides our time, it was basically FREE.  Another excuse to use up some of my crafting stash.  

Most product is SU. The base is made from large manilla folder tags (penny a piece). Letters use black glitter paper.

Paula's house always has cool decor. Check out this amazing Halloween advent she made a few years ago (hopefully you can see it well enough with the crappy phone photo). Totally awesome!

Happy October

Hello October! You are my favorite month.

We pulled out some Halloween decor this weekend but got sidetracked trying on costume after costume. Nic can't decide what to be but he has the great luxury of years worth of big brother costumes. I think he looks cute in all of them! We will see what he ultimately chooses. FUN!