Baseball weekend

Another baseball weekend for Chris and Andrew. Looks like they had a blast. Even got to spend some time with my Grandpa. I'm jealous.

Ben, Nic and I hung back due to school and soccer. We got to have a little cousin time!  And the weather was perfect for some outside play.

Sorry the formatting looks so screwy. When I blog from my phone it puts all of these weird spaces into the layout that I cannot delete.  One day I'll have a new and improved blog...

The great Grandpa Great!

My grandpa is in town for a few weeks and floating between family and friends. We had the great pleasure of him being our house guest for three nights this past week. During the day he was attending a genealogy conference in Provo.

This is the first trip he has made without my Grandma (she passed away 6 weeks ago - I still plan to post about her). It was bittersweet and felt strange to have Grandpa here without Grandma. Grandma had never met Nicholas in person.

It really was so nice to have him around. Nicholas kept him entertained with coloring and stories.  Grandpa entertained up with stories from his youth and military service. His told us of first KISS with Grandma, she kissed him on a dare (from Aunt Viv)! Whoa.

We love you Grandpa! Come by anytime.

Eagle Valley

After touring Pioche we headed to Eagle Valley to see other landmarks from Grandma's childhood. We toured the old schoolhouse which Grandma attended for 8 years, no indoor plumbing here.

We also visited Grandpa's grave. Grandpa was only able to meet Brendan before he passed. He would of been tickled to see all of his great grandchildren playing in the dirt above his grave.