Crazy Creative!!!

My good friend Paula recently started a new career venture. You can follow her musings at her blog. I did want to share with you all that that she is crazy creative, I am talking nuts! She makes these fabulous ironing board covers (and other things) and sells on her etsy shop. I own own and I also bought one and gave to mom last mother's day. Mom can vouch for the quality and loves her cover too! I hope she doesn't mind but I took one of photos off of her etsy site to share. So buy one if you are interested - they are awesome and really dress up a nasty task. Chris can vouch for that.

Also Paula has two other etsy shops one for vintage finds and another for additional handmade goodies. Check these out often too.

I love Miss Paula and wish her enormous luck and good fortune on this new adventure. If I am lucky she may invite me over one night to craft or garage sale with her on a Saturday.

My etsy shop!

I have officially created an ETSY shop. It was a goal for 2011 and I am happy to say I've started it!!! Woohoo. You can check out the shop here.

I've name my shop Painted Orange after a conversation Geoff and I have many years ago when we worked at Epék. Geoff was trying to convince me and others that oranges were not really orange and that the grocery stores painted them orange so people would buy them. He swore that if you looked carefully you could see green underneath the orange, and he read it on the it must be true. Anyway, I liked the irony and decided this would be a great name for my shop.

I intend to update it often with lots of handmade items but I've started out with a few earrings. Thanks for looking and yeah for 2011!

Poster for Nursery

Finally finished my first post prego project. I have grand aspirations of the projects I want to complete while on maternity leave however the pace is much slower (& well worth it) with baby. I created this 19 x 24 poster (inspired by similar ideas on Etsy), uploaded it to the Costco website to print for $8.99. I found the large frame at Ikea for $29.00, I think it turned out great.