Catching Fire

Awesome time last night at a late night showing of the Hunger Games Catching Fire with Andrew and Ben. Our Theater was packed and it was exciting to see the movie with so many fans and cheers.

IMO the movie was excellent. Perfect adaptation from the book and so well done. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. Worth seeing. I'm sure we will see it again.

It's late start Friday st school so the boys are still snoozing, getting in those lost zzzz from last night - they need it. No extra sleep for me. Nicholas is always up at the buttcrack of dawn. Ug.

Pumpkin patch

I took Nic and Ben up to Ogden Saturday to see Geoff & Ky's new house (Andrew and Chris are in St. George for a baseball tournament).

Geoff and Ky are still unpacking so we decided to take their boys out of their hair for a few hours. We hit the pumpkin patch, Kurt's Drive-in (glaciers... Yum!), and a visit with Grandpa. It was a super fun afternoon and the pumpkin patch was awesome! These boys are funny, each wanting to try on the stinky pumpkin head.

Vote Ben for president!

Ben for president!

School elections were held last week. It was a hard fought race and Ben worked hard. In the end, Ben was the runner up... conceding by a mere 3 votes!

The candidates were not allowed to campaign outside of a video and two double-sided posters.

Here are a few photos of his posters and here is the link to his election video.

Ben is excited to try again. He announced he'll be running for 7th grade President this spring.  He already has an idea to make his video funny - as he determined that was how he could improve.

Way to go Ben. We are proud of you and so very proud you put yourself out there.