Baseball weekend

Another baseball weekend for Chris and Andrew. Looks like they had a blast. Even got to spend some time with my Grandpa. I'm jealous.

Ben, Nic and I hung back due to school and soccer. We got to have a little cousin time!  And the weather was perfect for some outside play.

Sorry the formatting looks so screwy. When I blog from my phone it puts all of these weird spaces into the layout that I cannot delete.  One day I'll have a new and improved blog...

Baseball and more baseball!

May has been the month of baseball games.  Over the last 10 days we have had 9 days of baseball. Wooza!  It's been fun and exhausting for all of us.  

Luckily and with a lot of hard work we are winning games.  Andrew has hit a few doubles and a triple just yesterday.  He is pitching really well and playing like a pro at first base.

Side note: My sun allergies have reappeared (sun hives are no fun).  I've been wearing 70 SPF, sitting under our huge umbrella and still I am getting hive on my arms, upper chest and feet.  LAME I tell ya.

Vegas Baseball

We spent last weekend in Vegas for Andrew's baseball tournament. Quick trip, down and back sandwiched 4 games. Lots of park time for Nicholas and Ben made some money supervising the park play so Chris and I could watch the games.

Hat trick! and other highlights.

We've been buried with spring sport games and practices lately - maybe why I've been behind on the blogging.  We missed updating you on Chris' 40th birthday, Easter and other goodies. I'll do a bit of catch up over the next few days but first a few sports updates:

Ben = soccer, Andrew = Baseball, Nicholas = gym playgroup. It really is a whole lot of fun.

Today we enjoyed our first outdoor soccer game for the spring season.  Ben usually plays defense but today he got an opportunity to play offense (forward).  He scored 3 goals!  He may get more chances in the future.  The final score was 4/2 gladiators. Yeah Ben!!!  Before the game Chris promised Ben a cartwheel if he scored a goal. I wonder if this motivation had anything to do with the hat trick?  Ben is waiting for Chris to pay up.  PAY UP CHRIS!

A few weeks back we headed to Vegas for a 3 game baseball tournament for Andrew's Spartan team.  Andrew's team is beginning to gel after an entire winter of indoor practices.  Andrew pitched and played first base.  He pitched around 120 over the weekend, a bit too much, but did really well. His arm was sore.

I signed Nicholas up for a few different sports playgroups.  This month is "gym" games.  He is learning to play well with others and follow directions. Freeze tag is a hard concept - that boy just wants to RUN!

Loving the life of a boys mom. Did I mention it's cold watching spring sports? Hmmm.