Rough day

Boy we have had a string of bad luck lately. Yesterday, poor Andrew had an accident and injured his fingers. A propane tank fell and he tried to stop it and it ended up smashing his fingers. It broke the tip of one finger and scraped/pulled off an entire fingernail. One trip to the ER and thankfully they were able to repair. Ouch. Brave boy. He's healing up. Gross picture below.

Tomorrow he will have two root canals due to a baseball to the mouth about a month ago. 

Sending positive vibes to the universe... We need some returned!

Baseball weekend

Another baseball weekend for Chris and Andrew. Looks like they had a blast. Even got to spend some time with my Grandpa. I'm jealous.

Ben, Nic and I hung back due to school and soccer. We got to have a little cousin time!  And the weather was perfect for some outside play.

Sorry the formatting looks so screwy. When I blog from my phone it puts all of these weird spaces into the layout that I cannot delete.  One day I'll have a new and improved blog...

Ski season has started!

The big boys are lucky! The have already hit the ski slopes, Andrew has been twice. Andrew went with a few friends to Snowbird on Saturday, and Andrew, Ben and Chris skied for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Skiing before Thanksgiving... Woohoo.

Looks like all their gear fits and is in working condition. We opted to purchase Nic skis this year (instead of rentals). The ski swap price was just a few bucks more than the season rental price. Bargain.